The 3510A Tying Tool (Tach-It) is new to the US Nursery Industry. It provides a unique solution to the binding of plants to stakes, wires, trellises and other support systems. Discover some of the many reasons your nursery needs one. 

  1. Multipurposed

    The 3510A was designed to provide solutions to both obvious and more obscure nursery tasks. Its large aperture enables your to bundle anything up to 1 3/8″ diameter. Let your imagination run… 

  2. Flexibility (adjusts to your application)

    The 3510A Tying Tool is built with 5 levels of tie tension that are set at your discretion. Want the tie tighter, looser? No problem. BUT the 3510A also comes with optional, attachable Plant Spacers which provide extra space between plant and tie. The Plant Spacers might be used for plants that are expected to significantly grow in a short period of time, or if the tie is to be left on for a significant period. 

  3. Light as a Feather

    Okay…Not literally light as a feather. The 3510A Tying Tool (Tach-It) is only 3lbs! One of the first comments we receive during demos is “wow, this is way lighter than it looks!”  Just in case you lack all muscle in your arm, the 3510A comes standard with a shoulder strap. 

  4. Because it’s Fast

    The 3510A is fast. There is no speed limit. View our demo video to see for yourself.